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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The theory holds true

Early courtship with Michele

Jenny liked to come from behind (she's not that short nor am I that tall)

Michele showing off his flirting skills

Nebojsa has this theory. Something about being in your last year of phd attracts women, women that want to marry you. It's like they smell success. It's all kinda shaky and uncertain up until that point b/c they're not sure if you will ever finish or if you will make anything of yourself.

Despite all my efforts to come in between them, Michele and Jenny are engaged! Michele, whom I thought would be like the last person I know to settle down. Shocking how true that theory is. I am truly happy for you guys! Congratulations!!!

First Mike and now you guys... what a crazy summer! I think you two (Jenny and Michele) should be thanking Adam for getting you two love birds together.

Michele had a good gtalk status message today: "Working for us".

I don't have any external pressure for me to really push myself to do work right now. But apparently if I get within a year of graduating, I will get a girl, so I better start working :p


Michele said...

Thanks for the post :) You could have posted a better picture of us though :P
And, yeah, *THANK YOU ADAM* :)
You Vince, don't worry, you are getting close to your last year of phd so... be ready, lol

Princess Sarah said...

this theory is garbage. i was in my last year of my graduate degree. doesn't hold.

i think they are a flukey case :)

Vince said...

No, it's only for phd and I think only for guys. And two wrongs don't make a right in your situation, though you got like a half right.

Princess Sarah said...

pretty sure i am an amazing example of why this theory is garbage

Adam Hooper said...


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