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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ok, I can blog again

Now that I have pretty much finished with the redesign of my blog, fixed a bunch of bugs (archive, navigation, spying/stalking aids, line height of post paragraphs, trackers, and feeds), browser/platform compatibility issues (Windows IE and Firefox, OS X Firefox and Safari), and added features (navigation between newer and older posts, labels to past posts, and random pictures), I can now return to blogging.

Still need to re-examine the colour scheme of my blog, change the bullets, and do some minor formatting, but pretty much the layout is set and done.

There's still an issue with the comment feed and I believe that because of my submission of the bug to Blogger and posting on the Google Group, it is now a known bug:

Comment feeds are only showing the earliest 25 comments, and pagination (the start-index parameter) does not work.

Once that gets resolved, the new and improved comment feed will go live and the recent comments on the sidebar will work again.


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