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Monday, September 11, 2006

Won a shirt!


Never look back!!!

I subbed in for a 4's beach volleyball team today. Played with Ron, Rob (the Toronto engineering version), and Ashley. They were short players as the regulars couldn't make it and Ivana is in the UK now.

When I was asked to play, I was told that it was "playoffs", which I assumed meant that we were like gonna play quarter or semi finals or something, but no, it was the entire playoffs. Quarter, semi, and finals! First game we won by default b/c the other team didn't show (it was cold and windy). Semi's we won pretty easily, ditto with the finals. I was pretty disappointed in the competition though, it wasn't much of a challenge. It was best of 3 to 15, but I don't think any team got more than 10 points in a game.

The beach was pretty bad. Like the worst conditions I've ever played. The beach was really narrow. The water was so close that balls would roll into the lake. The sand was rough and had lots of rocks. And I don't mean pebbles, I mean like rocks bigger than toonies. It was also cold and really windy. Plus, we were playing the finals pretty late and it was dark out, fortunately, the lights from the boardwalk were sufficient to light up the court but were kinda blinding. It made for an interesting game (where's the ball??? where's the ball???).

I love that I won a shirt while only coming for the playoffs and didn't have to pay the league fees :). Whatever, I was there when it really counted :)

We went to the nearby restaurant (right beside the boardwalk), for food and beer after the game. Called Ivana to tell her the news. Ashley only had a minute on her calling card, which wasn't quite long enough for her to cry, though it was close.


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