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Thursday, September 21, 2006

GReunion in Windsor!

Janna-Lynn Weber

Thanks to Janna, I'm going to the University of Windsor to give a talk. Hey, free trip, I'll take that. Plus, it'll be the first of, what will hopefully be, many GReunions!

My talk is in 12.5 hours... and I haven't even started making my presentation :p. Plus, I gotta pack, sleep, eat breakfast, travel, and have lunch before the talk. It's ok though, it should only take like half an hour to mod an old presentation and I have given this talk, or variants of it, so many times (close to like 10 times) that I don't really need to prep for it, or at least I hope :).

I'm taking VIA Rail, which is exciting b/c it'll be my first time taking the train in Canada. It's just over 3.5 hours each way. Anyways, if I don't blog tomorrow, then it's either b/c Janna booked me into a shit hotel without free Internet or she took me out onto the town for so much fun that I was so incapacitated that I couldn't blog.


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