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Sunday, September 03, 2006

My day as a girl, or at least, a gay man

My day started off with the motivation of going shopping. And by shopping, I mean clothes shopping. For those of you who are even remotely familiar with my shopping habits, your jaws probably just hit the floor.

I have never, and by never, I really mean never, have voluntarily gone clothes shopping, and heaven forbid, by myself. How, you may ask, do I have so many clothes then (for those who have ever seen my closet, I have a lot of clothes). Well, reader, this is how it works. My sisters and my mom drag me to go shopping. I follow them through the shopping mall standing for hours in womens' clothing stores and occasionally sneaking off to Electronic Boutique, book stores, etc. When we are however, in a store with both a men's and women's section, I follow them around and when one of them are done, follow them around the men's section as they pile clothes on my arms for me to try on. Recently, I've been told to wander in the men's section while they go through the women's, but I'm just kinda wandering until I receive some help from my professional shoppers. My function there is just to be a mannequin. The alternative, which occurs periodically is when I just get clothes, particularly when my family goes on vacation without me, eg. HK & China, factory outlet malls when they visit me when I'm on internships, but I'm at work, etc. They know my size and taste, since the consensus vote between them is my defined taste anyways. In short, I don't go clothes shopping.

So, you may ask why I don't shop, even in instances when I'm there anyways. I have a theory, but I've shared enough embarrassing things in this post already. This recently invented theory is like my own universal theory of everything. It explains everything from my own personal social interactions, musical aspirations, language, shyness, pickyness with food, and reluctance to change in some instances, but not others. I think that I have pinned down the root of all of these, but it's something that I'll blog about some other time.

Anyways, back to shopping, or lack thereof. The problem now is that I'm in need of clothing. One of my favourite pairs of jeans has a massive hole (to which you can check if I'm wearing underwear or not) and another has been worn out quite a bit and I just don't really like the rest. And I'm getting bored of my t-shirts. And I need more athletic socks. And more underwear. And a new pair of shoes. And a new fall jacket. Ummm... when it rains, it pours.

So, the plan today was to go to the Eaton Centre. Yes, it's still called the Eaton Centre and not something like City Centre (like how Winnipeg renamed Eaton Place to City Place). It's a big ass mall.

First stop, get my hair cut. Went to L'Attitudes. A step above my recently usual $12 cut at Top Cuts, but less than my adventure at Toni & Guy. It's a good compromise. It's not the first time I got my hair cut at a place like that in a mall. The guy used the typical razor on the sides and back, but instead of using scissors on the stop and then using the hair thinning one, he used the hair thinning scissors the whole time on the top. It was interesting b/c it gave my hair a lot of layers. Girl point #1.

Next off, I went shopping for like 3 hours. Went to like every store. Surprisingly hard to find jeans in my size. Either the waist is too big (I wear 30 with a belt) or the length is too long (over 30 I start tripping). I found a nice pair at American Eagle that fit nicely. I wanted to get a second pair, but didn't find anything. I didn't find anything that fit and I liked in terms of t-shirts, but I found a really nice long sleeve shirt/sweater at Abercrombie & Fitch. Oh well, it's fall season any how. Also no success on the other clothes necessities. I'm considering going to Yorkdale tomorrow for more shopping. Girl point #2.

I stopped by Dominion's on the way home to get groceries (finally). Girl point #3.

Then I cooked dinner. Spaghettini Bolognese. Girl point #4.

Then I cleaned (the dishes and kitchen). Girl point #5.

Then I watched The Notebook. Girl point #6.

By myself. Girl point #7.

And liked it. Girl points #8 - 10.


Nusraat said...

getting groceries and cooking shouldn't count as "girl" actions. i think they fall under "survival".

boolah said...

i think your sizes are pretty close to mine. i find the gap has those sizes in a reasonable quantity. unless, you have a "style objection"!

Vince said...

I checked the Gap, but didn't find anything in my size that I liked this time. I think that at least one of my pairs of jeans are from the Gap.

John said...

haha. i think some stores sell the pants at all the same length. so u'll need to get it custom fitted

jme said...

oh vince. we are in the year 2006. grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning are NOT GIRLY ACTIVITIES. ERRGGGGHHH. and shopping... i say, embrace metrosexuality.
as for watching the notebook... by yourself... and enjoying it... THAT my friend, is pretty girly. :D

Vince said...

Well, I don't normallly categorize grocery shopping, cooking, or cleaning as "girly" activities, but I had to exaggerate a little bit in order to make for a more compelling story.

Mohammad said...

From a practical standpoint, I think whatever you did was just being a guy just like any other day. You finished off a years worth of work in the 3 hours of shopping this year (sarcasm). An average Joe shops for 15-20 minutes every weekend or every 2 weeks. As much you would like to be called a girl or gay, I think you are more like a modern day Tarzan - who can do it all himself and needs no Jane. But, your Jane is around the corner waiting for you to bump into her. And on that day you shalt changeth!

Underwear said...

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