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Monday, September 11, 2006

Got that deja vu feeling

For the report on this weekend, just look at last weekend, but replace "Eaton Centre" with "Yorkdale" and "9 hours" with "5 hours".

Quite windy on the beach today. I felt like a retard b/c I kept missing the ball. I'd like go to where the ball *should* go, but I'd be like 3 feet off :s. It was quite frustrating and I played like crap most of the day. Depressing really.

Made my world famous (everyone that has had it has loved it... all 1 of them) chicken noodle soup today. I tried to make my own noodles this time like I said I was going to, but I failed miserably. They were indeed noodle shaped, but tasted like shit. Just tasted like flour. I'm quite sure the problem was that I made them too thick. Next time I'll roll out the dough much thinner. Ya, so I just tried to cook them longer, which made it just bad. The outside was overcooked, while the inside was still undercooked. I conceded defeat and used fuseli instead.


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