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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pride & Prejudice

Don't ask why I watched it by myself. Just accept the fact that I did. I would however, watch anything with Keira Knightley in it, next up being Domino, but I would have watched this movie regardless.

I was also feeling pretty sick at the time. I had eaten a MASSIVE pot of pasta right before a couple hours of volleyball and was seriously having indigestion to the point that I wanted to puke and I really needed to just vege and digest. Anyways, I'm getting off topic...

I hadn't read the book since like Grade 12 when we read it in school, so I had forgotten many of the details, but generally knew what was going to happen, although I often only had like a 10 min. foresight (ah, yes, I remember that guy, he's not as he appears to be). I enjoyed the movie. It was one of those "feel good" movies.

The movie understandably sped up the story line, but I thought it did a decent job of translating the book into a reasonably length movie. I probably would have been a bit confused had I not read the book beforehand. The movie made it seem like Liz and Mr. Darcy were so much in love despite not really having spent that much time together, but I guess they did in comparison to say Mr. Collins and Charlotte and other couples that were like semi-arranged. Perhaps it was just the times. Though, I just looked back at this "Pride and Prejudice Summary (Chapters 28-33).doc" file I had on my computer and it became obvious to me that the movie cut out a bunch of stuff...

Another thing is that it's really interesting to revisit the story after such a long time and seeing things in a different perspective, backed with more life experience. I have 1984 sitting on my computer that I've been meaning to watch.


Reel Fanatic said...

This was easily one of my top five favorite movies from 2005 ... I enjoyed how they sped up the story without dumbing it down, and Ms. Knightley should have won an Oscar for her work

Rob said...

Maybe I should rent this movie, seeing as that was one of several books I didn't actually read in high school...

I had second chance to read it in first year english. You know how everyone's class had a different topic? Somehow I ended up in "The Literature of Love" (I just picked a random section when I signed up... honest!!).. I ended up dropping the class when I learned the prof wanted us to write a 10 page research essay about Jane Austen's views about sexual passion in this book. I had to sign up for a different section of english the next year, but I'm fairly confident that was the correct decision.

Jill said...

Vince--I just watched this too! On Friday after I came home from pizza! Italian food and Pride & Prejudice this weekend, what are the odds? I love this movie. I love the story. I always wanted to experience a love/hate relationship. So much passion! Forget dating services that find good matches for people, give me one that will find me somebody who will dislike me as passionately as I will dislike them!

Rob--you can borrow my copy anytime. Or just entice me over with margaritas again :P

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