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Monday, September 04, 2006

9 hours of beach :s

Hit up good 'ol Ashbridges today and played 9 hours of beach volleyball! INSANE.

Damn Yue told me that we were leaving at 8:30 am. I was like, that's hardcore, but I'm willing to make that sacrifice. I call him this morning just before 8:30 and he was like, no, I said 9:30. He totally did not say 9:30. It was ok though b/c it gave me time to make spaghetti and use the left over sauce for a hearty breakfast.

Got to the beach just after 10 am and left at 8 pm. Yes, that's 10 hours, but I didn't play volleyball the whole time. I had to take breaks :p

I was playing 2's all day, which was particularly tiring as you have to touch the ball at least once per possession and you have to run around more.

Our group had like 5, but our 5th came when one of our original 4 was tired and stopped, plus some of his friends were there playing on adjacent courts. They were a pretty big group and had 4 nets to add to our 1. In total, I counted about 30 courts. Not bad for a pretty cool and cloudy day.

It was actually an amazing day for volleyball. No wind. No (minimal) sun. Not hot. No mosquitoes (until dusk, but even then just a few). Damp sand from Saturday's rain meant no dust, not hot sand, and you could jump higher :). Soft sand.

I was pretty pooped for the last couple hours, but oddly enough, I was actually playing better. I played some coed 2's on like a women's height (it was saggy) and was ripping them :). I think that gave me the confidence to play better when we went back to the men's height. I wasn't actually that tired, but my legs were giving out. They were like semi-cramping. I think I needed more electrolytes.

It's funny when I meet people and they find out that I'm not from Toronto, because the next instinct is to guess that I'm from Vancouver (I was talking to other Chinese people). It was cool, I met a fellow prairie Chinese, this girl from Edmonton.

I'm so done right now. The rest of my evening will be sitting in front of my computer and then rolling into my bed. Ultimate practice is gonna be interesting tomorrow. Hopefully I can walk...


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