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Monday, September 18, 2006

Canadian Idol Season 4 Finale

Me and Emily with Eva Avila. Winner of Canadian Idol Season 4.

Melissa O'Neil. Winner of Canadian Idol Season 3.

I <3 Elena Juatco. Canadian Idol Season 2.

Fellow Winnipegger Rob James. Canadian Idol Season 4 and also from McMaster and James. A little bit of asian glow :p

More pictures

I am not a Canadian Idol fan. I did not go watch the finale of Canadian Idol Season 4. I did not go to the after party. I also didn't stalk the idols nor did I chat and take pictures with them. I did not get kissed on the cheek by Eva, oh wait, I did :)

The rest of this post is encrypted to protect myself and others from repercussions.


Rob said...

hey whats up with this popup crap? what happened to the 'show/hide' comments. I enjoyed that feature...

your face looks suspiciously similar in all those pictures.. you didn't photoshop those did you???

Vince said...

Sorry, the new blogger doesn't let me do it (yet).

My face does look similar in the pictures, but there was definitely a reddening of my face as the night progressed :p.

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