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Friday, September 22, 2006

Please update your feeds

Because of my bug report, the comment feeds issue became a known issue and now it is fixed! Recent comments on the sidebar now work, and there are new feeds for both the posts and the comments.

Please update your feeds.

On another note, I am currently in Janna's apartment in Windsor and Mark is gonna be here in like an hour and a half!!! (from Ann Arbor, Michigan) Super GReunion!!! It's almost GReunion 64!


Princess Sarah said...

yo the new show comments is sick!

i like how you can post a comment straight from it!

Rob said...

you need to differentiate better between your comment feed and regular feed. It's very confusing to me when they are both called 'vincent cheung'. It's also very early in the morning, but the crows wont let me sleep. Stupid crows.

Vince said...

Sorry, I have no control over what the name of the feed is called. It's a bug right now that it's called the same thing.

What you have to do is manually change it in Google Reader or whatever feed reader you are using.

Rob said...

OK... also your blog keeps redirecting me here

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