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Monday, February 27, 2006

Indoor Challenge

Wasn't too sore today from all that stuff yesterday, but I definitely felt it in my quads, calves, feet, hamstrings, butt, triceps, forearms, shoulders, and upper back muscles (trapezius, lats, deltoids).  I was able to walk up stairs with minimal pain, so that was good.

Had a lot of fun at the indoor challenge (soccer, basketball, dodgeball, and volleyball).  Always kinda questionable how it'll be with a bunch of randoms thrown together.  Funny, I knew more people on the Skule and Grad House teams than mine and even recognized a bunch from other teams, but everyone on mine was a complete unknown prior to this.

Good group a people (4 guys, 4 girls).  We sucked, winning only a single game of dodgeball - I was the last man standing!  My strategy was to just jump over any ball that came in my direction.  Worked great b/c it left very little space for them to hit me - basically they could only get me if the ball was at the height of my torso b/c head shots weren't allowed and I jumped over anything below the waist, plus they had to get me when I wasn't dodging laterally :p

We were there just to have fun.  We say that only b/c we kept losing.  But, what do you expect anyways from a bunch of masters and phd students :p.  As a group, we're generally not athletes, we're nerds :p.


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