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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Why are we friends?

Jill brought up a good point. How is it that we are friends??? We share ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in common. She says that she asks herself like everytime we talk why we are friends. The only common ground is that we were in the same high school, but we didn't hang out in high school, frankly I'm not sure if we ever spoke to each other in high school. The string of people involved in us meeting each other again is also an amazing tale that easily could be altered by any number of slight adjustments if you were to go back in time.

As with most stories of lore, it all begins in engineering room 229 at the U of M. Here is the chain of relationships involved that eventually brought me and Jill together:

Me -> Nusraat -> Chris -> Rob -> Jill

I was friends with Nusraat from H.S. She would come to me for academic help... repeatedly. I recall frantic phone calls as well. Anyways... She was friends with Chris. I knew of Chris back in H.S., but we didn't hang out or talk. All of us were in comp. eng. together and with Nusraat sitting at my table, Chris would occasionally sit with us as well. Plus we had double-dates for labs. Me and Kevin, Chris and Nusraat. Chris was in turn, good friends with Rob. Being in mech. eng. he wasn't in our classes, but roamed around 229. With Chris now included at the table, Rob would occasionally join. Again, I knew Rob from H.S., but we didn't talk or hang out. No beef between us, just had sepeate social groups. In some aspects, Rob is a key figure. He was the one to call me (well, message me) to hang out. His core group included Jill. The rest is history.

The story of me and Justin goes through almost the identical thread, except that my first contact with him was through Tim Millican back in Laidlaw. Like 8 years later we became friends. That one is a little bit more obvious why we are friends as we actually share common interests.

Back to the main reason for this post. So, Jill and I have not figured out why we're friends. There are no obvious connections based on interests, hobbies, sports, roots, or anything. I am Yin, she is Yang. Complete opposites in almost all respects. I think it's more of a compatible personality thing with the mutual desire to just have fun and have an open mind with the added benefit of an untainted past. Frankly, the change of pace is a welcomed breath of fresh air.


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