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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

OMG, e-mail is free!!!

U of T Ski and Snowboard Club reading week trip today. I rush to get to the meeting point at 7 am. No bus in sight. Not a soul around. I'm like shit, wtf? I'm 5 min. early!!! I rollerblade around and see a bus outside of med sci. I ask the bus driver if the bus is for the club, he shrugs, but when he asks where it's supposed to go and I say Blue Mountain, he says ya, that's gotta be it. Hopping on board, I know that I'm on the wrong bus. It was for biochem or something.

Calling Nick (the President), he tells me that they're not leaving until 9. WTF?? The e-mail said 7! Apparently they changed it on the webpage. OMG!!!! IT'S CALLED E-MAIL!!!! E-MAIL IS FREE!!!! I checked the webpage and it's not even like there's a big notice on the time change, it simply regurgitates the previous e-mail with 7 changed to 9.

Sigh. So many things have gone wrong with this club.

On the plus side, I'm able to watch some Olympics live (usually I'm not up early enough). Cross country skiing sprints are on right now. And the whole thing gave me a legit use for my cell phone, which generally goes unused.


Sarah said...

you love self-linking!!

John said...

lol have fun
hmm, i think they did send an update.. not too sure

Bob said...

presidents... what do they know??

Sarah said...

exactly why i boycott this type of activity!

but getting up early is a plus!

Vince said...

I need to self-link to provide context for my readers!

And no, they didn't send an update. They called it an "update", but that was the first mention of the reading week trip and it stated 7 am.

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