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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Woohoo! I can snowboard!!!

I think I can finally say that I can actually snowboard now!!! I've graduated from the bunny hills and went on to do most of the blue (intermediate) runs today! No big wipeouts today and barely any falls!!! Still need to work on making my turns tighter, going faster, and figuring out how not to fall on the flat parts.

Next week: black diamonds

Mimi ditched me again for volleyball and my snowboarding crew didn't show up! I ran into one of the guys earlier this week and he said he was feeling sick and not sure if he was gonna make it. I ended up snowboarding with Yonnah (sp?) for half the time, the volunteer people organizer for my bus, and a fellow grad student. I had seen him on the big bunny slope the previous week and he was pretty good. I convinced him to make the trip to Happy Valley with me and he didn't regret the decision.

Random girl on the bus commented that I got a haircut, even though I had only seen her the first 2 weeks and she wasn't on the bus last week, though we've both been sitting near the back of the bus. Cute, but one of those Chestnut girls.


Anonymous said...

What are chestnut girls?

Vince said...

The 18 year old frosh girls living in the 89 Chestnut residence.

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