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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Snowboarding, winter sports, and the olympics

First time that it was actually BELOW ZERO when we hit the slopes with the club! There was actually snow this time, not slush! Blue is definitely the new green and black is the new blue. Blue's are actually a bit of a yawn now. I tried a short black run, but it was pure ice and i just plowed down it. Not many selections of black at night. I'll do the 2 runs next week. The worst part is the flat areas.... fell on my ass like 4 times in flat areas. Pissed the hell out of me!

Random occurance of the day: girl tells me that when Googling "u of t ski and snowboard club" to try and find the club's website, she got to my blog :)

I think I'll have a greater appreciation for the Winter Olympics this time around, because since the last Olympics (well, actually just over the last 2 years), I've picked up a number of winter sports - skiing, snowboarding, curling, and hockey. Previous to that, I wasn't into any winter sports (well, skating I guess)


Bob said...

dude.. you gotta get into bobsledding!

Sarah said...

yeah i dont get the winter olympics (besides skating). but skating is indoors anyways - they could just move it to the summer ones, and cancel the winter ones altogether!

Vince said...

Haha, I've actually gone bobsledding once! Ok, well, it wasn't really bobsledding, but I was in a bobsled and went down a bobsled run, except that there was no snow/ice, the bobsled had wheels, and you didn't have to do anything - just sit and ride.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Skeleton is where it's at!!

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