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Monday, February 13, 2006

Day ???: Ah, the smell of freshly cut grass

Some improvement since we last saw the grass. 24/7 light and generous watering seems to have helped, but there's a lot of dried up grass that's not helping.

The supplied scissors were a little too small for my fingers. Trimmed the grass and tried to remove a lot of the dead stuff so the grass can grow without fighting through the mesh of dead. Bluegrass really isn't doing too well.


Bob said...

no no no!! you gotta leave the dead grass in there! it's called "compost".. you didn't just throw it out did you??

Vince said...

I didn't want to leave the dead grass there this time b/c there were too many clippings and the grass needs space to grow and recover. Plus, the soil seems to be getting some mould on the top. Next time I'll leave the clippings there.

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