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Friday, February 17, 2006

Too good to not blog about

Take that El Al!!!

We wish to advise you that we have completed our investigation of your claim and that it has been determined to compensate you in the final amount of CAD139.59.


I trust the foregoing reassures you of El Al's interest and help to regain your goodwill.

SWEET!!!! I gladly accept this compensation, but sorry, that's not enough to buy my goodwill...

Of course, this is just a moral victory, as I have no use for money. It won't spur any sort of spontaneous purchase, it'll just sit in the bank.


Sarah said...

i believe there is a percentage owing that person who signed as the Witness on your original claim. There is no way you could have got this without said person. (A)

Sarah said... lasted not blogging for 2 days! [insert msn man with blue tongue]

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