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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Time to work like an undergrad

I've realized that I have a lot of shit to do and none of it is getting done at the pace I'm going at. 4 papers to write by the end of April (tentative date that I leave to go work on the West coast for the summer).

I need to work like I did in undergrad! I'm amazed at how productive I was back then. Study, study, study, work, work, work. 17 hour days every day. No time wasted. Now look at me. I'm lucky to get in that many work hours in a month.

I need to set deadlines for myself. Cut the fat. Get stuff done. First thing to go is the Internet. Need to go offline. Blogging needs to be severely reduced.

Studying with Mimi in SS the other day was interesting to say the least. She had an awesome shirt on that she got from her recent trip to Vail, Colorado. Beware if she offers you any granola bars from Vail - they're infested with ants. It was really creepy. Ants everywhere. Live. Crawling.


Bob said...

Wait.. I thought Mimi was your cat?

Vince said...

Well, this is my Toronto version of Mi-mi. The Winnipeg version is a much better study/napping buddy and didn't bring ants. Plus, she can be entertained with a string, but what can I do, I just have to settle...

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