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Sunday, April 15, 2007

500th Blog Post

It's been over 6 months since my last milestone of 400 posts, so I'm definitely slowing down my blogging, since it only took 4 months between 300 and 400.

For such a significant milestone on my blog, I should probably do some reflection and say something interesting and profound or do some post of grand gesture or have a flashback post, like they do on tv shows. I knew it was coming, but I haven't given it much thought, mostly because I have been busy (DTD) and am too lazy to do anything all that time consuming for such an arbitrary milestone.

So while my blog has mostly served my own selfish purposes, I would like to dedicate this blog post to you, my readers. You have been there to encourage (force) me to write and reflect on things, even if I don't necessarily put them in words on my blog. By continuing to write, I am recording my journey though life and my blog helps me to remember past memories, which is very valuable to me and I thank you for helping me do this. Through writing, I am also connecting with my readers, whether they be geographically close, geographically far, old friends, new friends, enemies, people that think they're my friends (but aren't), complete strangers, openly reading blog readers, closet blog readers, or stalkers.

I hope to have a 1000th blog post and hope that you'll be entertained enough to still be reading!


Jill Barrott said...

Hehe, there should be a blogging Oscars to give speeches like that a home. Keep up the good work. Any blogger knows it's not always easy.

/rach said...

I guess I'm a geographically far, complete stranger/stalker. I'm okay with that.

Vince said...

As am I.

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