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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The IRS is Googling me!

I was checking my website stats and I have irrevocable proof that the IRS Googled me! They searched for "Vincent C Cheung" on Google and got to my blog!

I just mailed my US taxes earlier this week, I only had my middle initial on the form, and the IP address was from the IRS, so I'm pretty sure they were looking for me :s.... Should I be concerned???

The IRS is giving me a nice fat tax rebate this year and hopefully I won't have to simply hand it over to the CRA like last year's negative tax rebate. I shouldn't have to and I can thank Stephen Harper's tax exemption on scholarships for that :D. At least he did something right!


mo said...

The IRS in general cannot do SQUAT! The only time they can do anything is if they smell "intentional FRAUD". In your case it's neither. As for the googling part, thats nothing other than curious george types trying to double check on you. But that's still questionable.

Worst case, in your case, you "did not knowingly try to defraud the IRS" and hence your worries are put to rest.

-Self declared IRS Expert.

P.S. I just feel sorry for you. First, it was the Israeli's (your router incident) and now IRS!

Bob said...

did you cheat on your taxes Vince?I hear they only google people who they are about to investigate for tax fraud... and then they send you to a "federal-pound-me-in-the-ass-prison"

watch out for your cornhole dude..

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