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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Improved photography skills

I have to say that my photography skills have developed quite well recently. I've gone from self-photos like this:

To this:

These 4 photos were all taken in a span of 1min. 39s and all on the first try!

I still however, have problems with tall people and those involving more than 2 people:

I also have problems taking photos of people when they get kicked out of the club before 1:30 am for sleeping.

The rest of the pictures

Random bullet list
  • Me: "I'm going to a club tonight"
    Nick: "Which one?"
    Me: "Devil's Martini for a friend's birthday"
    Nick: "Me too!"
    (not the same friends though)

  • Crazy long line-up that was only moving b/c people were leaving

  • Giving a girl standing outside a double take, and then she asked me if I was Vince. We had met at Easy and was friends with one of the birthday boys.

  • Greasing the bouncers for $40 to get me, Michelle, and Donna inside

  • Both birthday boys were kicked out by 1:30am for sleeping

  • Wondering if Vic was in his condo b/c while he was dropped off there, he didn't have his keys

  • Food magically appearing without even looking at the menu

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Bob said...

another nite out at the the club hey? you're turning into quite the bar star out there.

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