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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thursday is my designated Russian day

Whether it's volleyball at the Pro Club in Seattle, pick-up volleyball at Antibes Community Centre here in Toronto, or my visit to the Russian consulate tomorrow, Thursday seems to be my Russian day.

For some reason or another, there are a handful of decent Russian volleyball players at Microsoft that play at the Pro Club on Thursdays. It was weird b/c they would go and chatter in Russian between games. Then, I go to Antibes to go play some pick-up a few weeks back on a Thursday and it's Russian volleyball!!! Apparently Bathurst & Finch is Russian central in Toronto because the pick-up volleyball was completely overrun by Russians. Of course, I attracted the high school Russian girls.

Amusing quotes from that night:

Some Girl: I'm on March break. (i.e. High School)

Some Other Girl: I'm going there next year! (Upon noticing Michelle's University of Waterloo pants)

Some Guy: Whoa, we're playing against a hardcore Korean team! (We were Chinese, with the exception of Christine who only pretends to be Chinese)

I gotta go to the Russian consulate tomorrow (Thursday) to get my visa for my family trip to Northern Europe and Russia. I guess this is my first general announcement of my trip. Russia.... Who knows, maybe I'll come back with one of those Russian brides :p


Anonymous said...

You're going to Russia? That is way to cool. Where in Russia and N Europe are you going?

Vince said...

Da, I'm going to the mother country next month! My itinerary says that I'll be going to St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Moscow, and Smolensk. I'm also going to Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belarus, Poland, and Germany.

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