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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Warning: this game may be a detriment to your productivity

My best game so far

I don't normally have much of a taste for all those random flash games out on "the internets", but for some reason, I can't stop playing this game. It's deceivingly simple, yet involves an immense amount of strategy. I have lost many hours of my life to this and I blame Justin for sending me the link. I keep trying to stop playing, but I can't. I have little self control...

Warning: clicking the following link may rob you of several hours of your life.

Desktop Tower Defense

You get these various bug thingies coming from the left and the top and you have to build towers to shoot and kill them before they make it across the board/map. There is strategy in where to place your towers so that the creeps have to go through a maze of your towers, which towers to build, and when to upgrade your towers.

I can beat "Hard" pretty easily. I've been trying to beat the "100 level" challenge, but can't get past level 79. The bad thing is that each game is about 45 min. when you get that far, so it's a huge time killer and I keep having these ideas about how to improve things :p. Right at level 79, I have issues because I can't handle all the land creeps and then the air guys also overwhelm me... There are some strategies that try and do this "juggling" technique, which I presume repeatedly modifies the maze so that the creeps keep having to back track through the maze. I'm trying to beat it without having to resort to that.

Here are a few random strategies I have discovered:

  • Build a maze out of the pellet towers initially and that'll take you through 1.5 rounds pretty easily

  • Fully upgraded squirt towers are effective in taking out bosses

  • Upgrade 1 tower at a time b/c the final upgrades are way better than even the level before

  • Frost towers can slow down the flying guys, buying you precious time

Here are two of my best maps:

Level 79 Challenge - 10203 Points

Level 7X - 9937 Points

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Anonymous said...

Heh - same here, man. Definitely my favorite flash game EVAR! I haven't played it enough to beat hard, though. I've actually been getting a bit of work done recently...

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