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Monday, April 23, 2007

Love hitting the beach in April!!!

It went up to 25 today and it was clear and sunny. I obviously hit the beach to play volleyball :). It was a week later than last year. I wanted to smash that record by going in mid-March and I almost went. It was 16 one day and it was gorgeous; I just didn't have a net and I had some work to do. Anyways, today was amazing out. Great conditions. Something like 25ish people showed up in our group and we had 4 nets set-up just for ourselves at Ashbridge's. Most of the 90-something courts were set up and there were quite a number of people playing. I played a game of 3's at the beginning and then played 2's the rest of the time.

I actually didn't feel like an uncoordinated retard on the sand for once! My timing was actually decent. Usually, I'm a bumbling fool on the sand b/c I can't jump as high, I can't time the sets properly, I don't do the proper approach, I underrun the ball like crazy, and I get thrown off by the wind. Beach frustrates me generally b/c I can't do things I can do indoor. But, it was fun today and I actually played decent. I played from 12pm - 7pm :D. That's a total of 17.5 hours of volleyball in the past week :D. 10.5 hours of indoor and then 7 hours of beach :D.


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