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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annoying light pollution

The ROM and U of T Varsity Centre are sources of light pollution

Taken later that day showing the stadium lights

Two recent developments here in Toronto have led to some annoying light pollution problems.

U of T Varsity Centre
U of T recently revamped it's stadium, which includes the dome I went to a few months ago. They deflated the dome in the last few days and I guess they were testing out the stadium lights because during the sudden rain storm yesterday, they had the lights on full blown and it was really annoying. It was really dark outside because of the clouds, but the stadium lights were blazing and was annoying me b/c I could see it in my peripheral vision through my window while on my computer and it was the brightest light I could see. Let's hope this doesn't become a habit for them, otherwise I'll have to write an angry letter. There wasn't even a game going on; the field was empty.

The ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) is getting a makeover/expansion right now. The new design consists of a very reflective aluminium sides at angles that are not perpendicular to the ground. As a result, between 2:07pm and 2:12pm today, one side of the building reflects sunlight directly into my eyes while I'm on my computer in my room. It's like a little kid is using their watch to reflect the sun into my eyes, wait that doesn't happen because I do that to little kids :p. Hopefully the position of the sun changes enough that this won't continue to be a problem. I guess I could close my curtains, but I like the view and the natural light.


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