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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Can't wear the same thing twice

Elsa and Me. Role reversal in that I had to get her to come to a CCF event instead of the other way around and I had to tell her peoples' names.

(Sung to song) Wilson, he can move the mountains, we're gonna miss him so much, but not really because, he'll still be, here at UT with us, cause Wilson is here to stay, always with us he'll stay.

Gizelle the Vice-Chair

"Chairman Lau" singing and closing off the night and the year

The problem with me posting pics online and blogging is that even when I go to events with a completely different group of people, I can't wear the same thing, otherwise it'll look like I didn't change, especially if the posts or photo albums are consecutive :p. Plus, even if they are not consecutive, there is a lasting record of my clothing, so you can see how often I wear things. I'm pretty sure that the fashion industry is behind the Internet and online photos. It's all a ploy to make all clothing (and not just prom and wedding dresses) one use only.

I pretty much never wear a tie. I only learnt how to tie a tie nicely Christmas 2005 while on a Mexican cruise waiting for one of the shows to start and one of my cousins from Australia taught me. Prior to that, I would have someone tie the tie for me and I would never untie it, otherwise, I would tie it badly. I didn't know how because I didn't go to private school and never needed it for work. It's a rare occurrence where I have an event where a tie is appropriate, yet I had two consecutive nights of ties! The night before was S Dance and then it was the UTCCF Grad Dinner to say goodbye to the graduating students and to close off the year.

The dinner was held at the 89 Chestnut residence, which I hadn't been back to since I lived there in my first year in Toronto. It was a bit odd being back. I didn't get a chance to look around much and the ballroom wasn't familiar b/c they are not generally open to the residents as they are reserved for special functions.

The food was pretty good, aside from the saltiness of the chicken. The speeches for the grads and the grad video were pretty funny.

So this year's graduating class are the people that started university when I first came to Toronto, so it's a bit of a weird feeling. Gizelle, the Vice-Chair, is graduating and we were on the same floor in that residence, so that was kinda funny. If you ask me how much longer I have, I'll point you to this link. I hope to finish before the current crop of frosh :p

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giz lau said...

don't worry vince, one day you'll get out of here :) in the mean time, you can have fun with wilson, who will also be here, forever. ..FOREVER. .lol.

but ya, it was definitely memorable to find outselves back at chestnut, it's where it all started, and where it all ended . .. :)

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