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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Dinner, volleyball, and dinner again

Dinner, 4 hours of indoor beach volleyball, and then dinner again. Whoever invented this idea is a genius.

The food has been amazing as well. Typical food has been Korean (at least one of the two dinners has to be Korean), Vietnamese, Japanese, and Chinese. I've had these cuisines many times before, but I'm discovering many new dishes (mostly Korean dishes).

Indoor beach volleyball is an interesting concept. Take a warehouse, hangar, or some other large abandoned building, dump a huge amount of sand inside, and put up volleyball nets. I went to the "beach" and it's the middle of winter, though you wouldn't know it by the weather. It was like +7 today. I was supposed to go snowboarding today at Blue Mountain, but the trip was canceled b/c there's just not enough snow and not enough runs open.

The group I've been doing this with is a pretty random group. Apparently it was just assembled this past summer at the beach playing volleyball, growing as friends of friends of friends of friends joined. I just caught the tail end of the summer here in Toronto and now I play with these guys and all the friends of friends of friends of friends connecting me to these guys aren't even there. Weird how that turned out.


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