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Monday, January 15, 2007

My cat is famous!!!

Tiggy as "My Buddy" on Stuff On My Cat

Tiggy made it onto Stuff On My Cat!!!! stuff + cats = awesome

I submitted that pic way back at Halloween and it just got posted this month. I didn't realize it until I checked all the pics on that site that I had missed.

For all you idiots out there that keep telling me that that's not my cat b/c the pic was posted by "Mario", umm... hello, I don't own, hence I'm not the one posting pics. I e-mailed them the pic and they ("Mario") posted it. You want proof that it's my cat, check out my other pics of my pets in costumes, where among other things, you can see the uncropped, un-stuff-on-my-cat-branded, original photo. Maybe Tiggy will be in the next Stuff On My Cat book!!!

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Sarah said...

oh ya? is your name mario now?

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