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Monday, January 01, 2007

I'm still shocked that Nusraat didn't poison us

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When Nusraat said she was going to cook for us, I was kinda nervous (there are many frightening cooking stories involving Nusraat). Surprisingly enough, the food was quite good and there were no reported cases of food poisoning the next day!

We played some Taboo after dinner, where my team of Christy, Mohammad, Chris, and myself wiped the floor. In Taboo you have a card with a word and you have to talk about it and get your team to guess what it is, the trick is that there are several other related words on the card that you are not allowed to say. It's the game with the beeper. The other team will claim to have won, but that was when we were taking it easy on them and doing the blue (easy) side. Once we switched over to the pink (hard) side, we kicked ass. Can you say 7 points in one turn???

After that, we switched to Balderdash, where you are given a word, acronym, law, person's name, or movie title and you have to write down a fake definition of the word, what the acronym stands for, the law, what the person is famous for, or the movie's plot summary. Then, you have to try and guess which is the correct one. You get points if you guess the actual answer and you get points if other people guess that your answer is the correct one. Apparently I'm good at making up convinceable sounding crap, which may explain why my papers get accepted :). Oh, and for future reference, if the definition of a word is "a breed of finch", that's Rob's.


Ms. Ly said...

i love balderdash! this is very interesting that you played taboo only a few days after i did... stop trying to be me vince!

Vince said...

Jamie, you know you wanna be me, but you can't be me! You wanna be me, but you can't be me!

Anonymous said...

native australian kangaroo salesman was also quite convincing.

Vince said...

Oh, I forgot the best quote of the night!!! I'll leave the perpetrator anonymous for his or her protection.

Commenting on Nusraat and Rob playing Taboo:

"It's like talking to them normally!"

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