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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Around the unit circle: Vince, Michelle, Hannah, Christine, James, and Andrew

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I'm a few days behind in blogging b/c my older sister was in town. Saturday night I went to Devil's Martini for Hannah's belated birthday party. My timing was pretty good, as I caught them right as they were about to go in. Hannah was disappointed that I wasn't wearing sandals, as that's the only footwear she's seen me in b/c of beach volleyball.

It was a nice place and for once, it wasn't packed with 18 year olds or Asians. It's still weird going to a club where everyone's Asian, and you're not in Asia. I remember the first time I was in one. It was in Calgary with Becky, Alvin, Florence, and Ching. We didn't know it was an Asian club, we just went in and we were like, what the heck? Everyone's Asian!!! It was weird.

Anyways, it was a fun time. My alcohol tolerance must be increasing, as it took me longer than usual to be buzzed enough to dance. 5 drinks in 1.5 hours, including chugging 2 Smirnoff's is too much though. I still get red and sleepy while drunk though.

Here's a photo essay of my progression of redness:

Red level 0: Despite pre-drinking at 2pm at the curling rink and a glass of wine at my older sister's award ceremony thingy.

Red level 5: Vanilla Ice

Red level 10: Hannah wasn't even close to my level of redness. I have excellent blood flow upstairs and downstairs ;)

Red level 7: Redness subsides, sleepiness takes over. Didn't help that I went curling for 8 hours earlier that day.

Red level 3: Purse carrying. Not altogether too unusual of an occurrence.


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