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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sporty weekend

4 different sports this weekend: snowboarding, curling, volleyball, and dodgeball.

  • Friday: Snowboarding with the U of T Ski and Snowboard Club
    • Pretty much pwned Blue Mountain - greens, blues, blacks, and double blacks. The only run I didn't do was the glades run, which goes through the trees, but it was closed anyways, not that I would've gone. I value my neck too much.

  • Saturday: Hart House Curling Bonspiel
    • Random team of individuals that hadn't met before and we won the whole thing!!! Our skip was good, having played since high school and on the U of T varsity team. The skips on most teams were good, but usually the rest of the team is inexperienced. The difference with our team, was that while I've only played a handful of times (just at these random bonspiels over the past 3 years, which usually boils down to about twice a year), I think I've caught on pretty quick. I'm pretty good at throwing what's being called and I can do take outs and throw draw weight pretty consistently. We should not have won though. The team we played against was good (they won their first game 20-2 in 8 ends) and we won only by pure miracles. We were down and then managed to steal the last 3 ends to win the final game by 2. Every end, we were like, "oh, we're screwed", as the last rock was being thrown by the other team's skip, but by some sort of miracle, the rocks just rolled our way. We won 4 $25 gift certificates as a team to HMV, Indigo, Roots, and LCBO. I got the LCBO one ;). The other team won as well for being the highest one game winner (it's a score bonspiel with points given out for wins, ends, and points, with a cap of 12 for points), and they got the same prize. We figured, either way, both teams probably would've won since we both had good first games (ours was 12-2) and then the second game was close. I continued my curling prize streak. My shoulders, back, and triceps are still sore 2 days later from sweeping so much!

  • Sunday: CCF Volleyball Intramurals
    • I'm not really allowed to play, since I play for Skule in Div 1, but I snuck on anyways :)

  • Sunday: SGS Dodgeball Intramurals
    • Yes! Dodgeball! It's quite a sophisticated game when you get to as advanced a level as ourselves. We've developed some killer tactics. We had problems getting out this one girl at the end of the first game. She would just hang around the back, and with the balls we were using, it was hard to hit her. What eventually did it in was Eric going up without a ball, and me hiding behind him. She threw and got him out, I came from behind and pegged her off :). Next week we practice with wrenches.


Jill Barrott said...

"We should not have won though."

That's the fun of curling though! You may think you have it wrapped up and then you lose, or you may think you're out but one rock can change the whole game. I'm glad you were sore...I always feel like a wimp for hurting after curling, now I don't feel so bad :P

Jenika said...

cool weekend
now i make the connection between the stereotypical grad-student-who-doesn't-get-much-work-done in the comics and you
ps what is sgs? is this dodgeball league open to everyone?

Jenika said...

i didn't sign in and the computer knew it was me when i made that comment

Vince said...

Hahaha, ya, I really identify with PhD Comics.

SGS = School of Graduate Studies

This is the first year that there are dodgeball intramurals, and like other intramurals, you sign up through your college or faculty. The teams have already been formed, but you never know, your college's team may need extra players.

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