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Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Return to U of M

For the uninformed out there, U of M stands for University of Manitoba, not University of Michigan, or Minnesota, or whatever crap, actually it's also crap, but at least, not as crappy now.

After my successful Wii run, I went to the University to visit as I had to kill some time before I picked up my older sister (it was the only way for me to get a car for my Wii hunt). In particular, I wanted to check out the new engineering building.

It's quite nice and the renovations to the old buildings are much appreciated.

Here are my highlights from my self-guided tour:
  • First recognizable person I see fuckin' Dr. Bitch, my eternal nemesis from first year circuits. I don't remember her name. Her name is not worth remembering anyways. She saw me and gave me a bit of a look. I like to interpret it as a "fuck, I dissed the smartest person to ever walk these halls, and I screwed up big time" look.

  • Next up is Parker. Great. She didn't see me. Disaster averted.

  • I am completely lost as nothing looks familiar

  • The alignment of floors between buildings throws me off and I'm astounded at how the buildings connect together (they didn't previously)

  • The absence of asbestos is refreshing

  • Nusraat is not in her office (~11 am), a shame, b/c she's actually someone I wanted to see, but I understand b/c if it were the other way around, there'd be no chance I'd be in my office at that time :)

  • I see Blair Yoshida and he kinda glares at me, but I veer off path

  • The power tower is much too easy to get to now

  • I can't find Kinsner's office or his minions

  • The new 229 is a shit hole. It brought back a lot of memories seeing the old tables and chairs there, but there's not a high traffic hallway in the middle of the classroom anymore and it's shit. It was the fact that so many people walked through the classroom/lunch-room/uno-room/study-area/meeting-place/chill-out-place that made it magical.

  • Howard Card Lecture Theatre. It was touching to be inside. The plaque on the wall was nice.

  • Ran into Kinsner in the tunnel to UC, just as I was about to leave. We chit-chatted for a bit. I did want to see him, just to at least keep up appearances.

I wish I had brought my camera :(. I didn't anticipate on going to the University as I thought I was going to be Wii hunting the whole time.


Anonymous said...

i was around at that time. we must have missed each other.

Anonymous said...

I actually liked her in a way. What did she do to you? I agree 229 seems like any other room now.

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