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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

GReunion 3.0: Happy Birthday Janna!

Janna jokingly asked me if I was gonna come to her belated birthday party.... in Windsor. I was like, "sure!" I then jokingly asked Mark if he wanted to cum as well for a full frontal GReunion, and he was in! Mark's easy. He was even going to bring Emine! I rented a car, as it was only $50 for 2 days and I was gonna pick up Jon in Waterloo on the way, but he had family plans. We almost convinced Adam to cum, but despite the low price tag of $90 for a bus ride to Toronto and then I'd drive him the rest, he opted out due to opportunity cost and his upcoming Uganda trip. Sean, Mike, and Brian thought it was too far for them to get to Windsor, but at least they were there in Wii spirit.

I left Toronto in the early afternoon and after a bit of a detour (I got the freeways mixed up), I got to Windsor in about 3.5 hours around 5ish.

The party was a lot of fun and Windsor was a blast, though I only saw the inside of the beer store and Janna/Michelle/Tyler/Jon's house, which is probably why Windsor was so much fun.

It's surprising how many more photos I take when I have a camera that is small, the battery lasts a long time, and doesn't take a minute to take 1 picture. I've gone from the picture stealer to the picture taker. Hey, that was pretty clever :)

All the incriminating photos and videos can be found in my and Janna's albums. Janna's follows more of my summer of Google theme as I'm not in most of my own photos.

The rest of this post will be explained through pictures.

Happy Birthday Janna!!!

Hello Mark! ;)

Emine started getting a little possessive of Mark. Mark was pretending that he liked it. Emine agreed to a three-some, and I told her that Mark would have to watch.

Sean called to say "Happy Birthday" and "Happy New Year". We counted down at midnight b/c Janna was stuck in O'Hare for new year's.

There was a decent amount of Wii action going on. We made some Mii's for people as well. Christina's turned out pretty accurate.

Despite having a nice seating area upstairs and downstairs (in the 24' by 8' room), we chose to sit on the floor in the hallway/stairwell.

Cupcake shots!!!

A bunch of us slept over and Michelle made us waffles in the morning! The party had died down around 6 am without any major incidents. I probably did a personal best of 7 Mooseheads, though this was spread over almost 12 hours :p

Mark and Emine made short work of the waffles and were showing off their label whoreness.

The GIntern shot for the blog

Oh, I don't have any pictures of it, but the pizza for dinner before the party was pretty funny. I, of course, wanted mine with no cheese, so we asked for half the pizza with no cheese, but instead, they only put toppings on one half. I proceeded to eat the pizza in 3 stages. Stage 1, pick off the toppings and eat them. Stage 2, rip off the cheese, which Mark was more than willing to take. Stage 3, eat the crust. Janna made me a pizza slice by ripping the cheese off a slice and putting the toppings back on. Pretty gruesome, but it tasted fine :)


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