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Monday, January 01, 2007

Semi-Annual Engineering Dinner Winter 2006 Edition

7 iron rings.
Nusraat, Mohammad, Rob, Florence, Kevin, Vince, Chris, Fan, and Winnie

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As per tradition when I am in Winnipeg, I forced my fellow engineering classmates to join me for dinner. It was a similar crowd to the night before. Not sure how much I can take of these guys... Just kidding, I love you guys! It was a pretty different crowd this time around with Rostecki moving to Toronto, and Becky, Alice, and Alfred in Hong Kong for Becky and Alvin's wedding.

The originally planned restaurant, La Fiesta, had a party the same night I was organizing this dinner, which I found out the night before when making the restaurant reservation. So I had to scramble a bit to find an alternative place. Everything worked out quite nicely. We went to Bellissimo (in the good 'ol safe south end -> Florence commenting bait) for some good Italian food. My new goal for these dinners is to get a Nusraat restaurant review for each one :)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can't believe I drove all the way out there just to hear my end of town get slammed again! Aside from that part of the evening, I enjoyed the gathering. Good to see everyone and especially Fan again and the food was really good. I didn't remember it being so good before. It was so good that I even forgave them for the incredibly long wait. Fine job organizing another dinner, Vince!

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