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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Found a place

It's the one in the top corner

Found a place in Saskatoon!

It's a two-bedroom, single bath apartment. Top (4th) floor. A bit smaller than my apartment in Toronto, but about a third of the price, which is nice since it's only for one. It's pretty close to the University (well, everything is close to the University) and on the good side of the river.

Like in Winnipeg, there's a stigma about crossing the river in Saskatoon. In Winnipeg, crossing either the Assiniboine or Red River is bad. Us South-enders don't socialize with the North-enders :p. There are some exceptions, but they are few and far between and they tend to be sketchy, like Florence. In Saskatoon, I heard from several different sources to stay on the South and West side of the river and that's where the apartment is.

I realized that in these last two posts that I may have "accidently" misled people to think that I was moving to Saskatchewan. After leaving Winnipeg and living in Toronto, Seattle, and San Francisco, how could I ever go back? And to something even smaller??? No. Sorry. If you thought otherwise, you probably shouldn't have skipped your meds this morning.

It's my younger sister. She's going to the University of Saskatchewan for Pharmacy and she, my mom, and I drove to Saskatoon to help her find an apartment. There were surprisingly few vacancies. The place we decided upon was actually one that we just passed by and saw a sign, as opposed to one that we had found online. We were rather efficient in checking out like a dozen places and settling on a place all in under 24 hours in the city! We didn't want to spend any more time in that place than absolutely necessary :p


Rob said...

yeah I dunno about those Transcona girls.. kinda sketchy indeed :P

Florence said...

Ok Vince. That's it. I held my breath before when you made those recent more subtle references to the "wrong side of the river", but now it's blatantly obvious that you were aware I was going to be irked by those comments. So what if I grew up in the hood? You got a problem with that? And hey, I thought I tried to make this clear last time. Yeah, I'm from the north side of the river, but definitely not from Transcona.

Vince said...

Hahaha, just teasing you :). We all wouldn't socialize with you or bug you like this if we didn't love you so much.

And for the record, I never called you a Transcona girl, not that there's anything wrong with being a Transcona girl :p (ok, maybe there is)

Vince said...

Florence, Chris says that you forgot the smiley at the end of your comment.

Florence said...

Yes..that's right...I forgot the smiley.:P...:)

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