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Monday, August 28, 2006

Too many birthdays

People apparently get really frisky around the end of November for some reason...

Happy Birthday Alfred!
Happy Birthday Florence!
Happy Birthday Josh!

Alf's, then my Mom's, and then Flo's, and then Josh's. Insane.

For my Mom's, we went out with all the family here (including aunt+uncle+cousins, one set from each side of the family). Marigold was full b/c of a wedding, so we went to "Burger Factory". It's not Burger Factory, but it used to be, and me and my sisters don't remember the name of it, so we call it Burger Factory b/c there's still a Burger Factory sign next to the restaurant painted on a side of a building.

Cake, and then presents and my famous mango dessert when we got home.

Then, I went over to Alice's for Alf's surprise party. Brought a second pan of my mango dessert as it was a semi-potluck (hey, I take the two for one whenever I can :p) and had more cake as well :s.

It had already converted to a video game party by the time I got there (PS2). The drum game was retarded. It's so freakin' loud I don't know how anyone can play that indoors :p. Played Guitar Hero for the first time, and I was actually half decent. I contribute it to my training as a guitarist when I was younger (I suck at guitar, I tried again today for the first time in like 10 years b/c of this video, but can't do it). The first time I heard about Guitar Hero was just a few weeks ago from this xkcd comic. Upon reflection, the comic is much funnier now :)

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Thanks Vince. :)

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