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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Saskatchewan. Hard to spell, easy to draw.

Moving to Saskatchewan! I made the ~8 hour drive to Saskatoon today to do some apartment hunting.

I had my reservations, but this place has its qualities:

  • Never get lost
    • You can learn all the city streets in one afternoon
    • You can see your two story hotel from anywhere in the city

  • Amazingly efficient road system
    • Highways that run right through the middle of the city
    • No traffic
    • One highway gets you anywhere you need to go and can take you from one end of the city to the other in just 5 minutes!
    • Ample parking everywhere

  • Multicultural
    • Every colour of white can be found here
    • They even have a Taco Bell!

  • Everyone's Canadian!
    • There were lots in California, even more in Toronto and Winnipeg, but the number of Canadians here is just staggering

  • No prissy girls, as all of them are farm raised, winter hardened girls who had to work hard all their lives (cute too)

  • Safe from natural disasters
    • No earthquakes, floods, forest fires, smog, threat of rising waters from global warming, tsunamis, tornados, or Gozilla attacks

  • No fear of terrorists
    • No targets, no terrorists

  • All stores centrally located in one area

  • 80's and 90's era diners the rest of civilization has long forgotten
    • Bonanza
    • Chuck E. Cheese's
    • Fuddruckers (from the Wikipedia page: "Fuddruckers has one restaurant in Canada. It is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and still remains popular. Other restaurants were tried in other parts of Canada with no success. ")

  • All the stores you ever wanted, some of which not even available in places like Winnipeg, Toronto, or even California, such as The Real Canadian Superstore, Lululemon, and the Culligan store

  • The University of Saskatchewan's campus is nice and the buildings all look quite new
    • The Agriculture building was absolutely stunning!

  • We don't need no stinking daylight!
    • No daylight savings here, though it means having to switch between Mountain and Central time.

  • Flat
    • But at least the girls aren't

Found a few promising apartments today. There were some incidences though. I knew I was in a sketchy neighbourhood when all of a sudden I saw a lot of minorities, when I hadn't seen a single one all day. I also found myself in a trailer park at one point...


Sarah said...

what? so confused

Anonymous said...

Me too, but I thought it was just the normal amount of confusion I always have. But nope, there's some special confusion going on here.

Anonymous said...

Why are you going to Sask?

Bob said...

What are you talking about no risk of natural disasters? A trailer park is just a tornado waiting to happen.

Vince said...

Sarah, you <3 being bamboozled (a)

I may have "accidently" led on that I was moving to Saskatoon when in fact my younger sister is (for Pharmacy at the University of Saskatchewan)

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