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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Haven't been on a Windows computer for 4 months

Back in Toronto. Thanks to Mimi and Nem, I got a hide home from the airport. That's the first time I have ever gotten picked up at the airport here. I usually just take a taxi (~$45). Oh, my luggage was overweight again (stupid inaccurate scale at home) and I had to pay $35. Damn airlines... I wasn't even over by much (54 and 57, with reshuffling I made it 52 and 60, so then I only had to pay for one overweight). The guy didn't think that me just taking a few pounds out of the 57 would have been enough. Apparently 54 was even too much :s

Not sure where "home" is anymore. Winnipeg has that home feeling, but it doesn't feel like home, probably b/c I'm just visiting and it just feels so temporary. Like, I don't have a desk to put my laptop on. I use a drawer thingy and I sit on my bed. Toronto does feel pretty home-ish, but something seems missing... We'll see how it feels once I get settled back in.

Things seem to have gone quite well here when I was gone. I was actually pleasantly surprised by some of the things Tony had done, like try and fix the futon/couch, vacuum, and mop. My bamboo is also doing quite well :)

It does feel nice to be on my desktop again. Fast. Solid Internet connection. Windows. Desk. Chair.


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