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Saturday, August 19, 2006

I was being responsible today

I was responsible today both in terms of my finances and my health.


I checked all my accounts (PC, TD, ING, CIBC, WaMu, FirstTech, Citi Canada, Citi) and paid my credit card bills. I also checked up on my investments and opened up a CD with WaMu to get some of my American money working for me. Also changed my address from Palo Alto to Canada.

Then, I gathered all the documents generated over the summer needed for tax purposes. I got this thing in the mail asking that I pay like 9k in advance taxes to the Canadian Government b/c last year I had a pretty big negative tax rebate since I didn't pay taxes all year (didn't pay upfront on my scholarship and then no Canadian taxes on MSR earnings). This advance tax thing is to prevent people like me from not paying taxes all year, collecting interest on it, and then paying it at the end of the year.

The catch this time around, is that I won't have to pay much in taxes b/c my scholarship is now TAX FREE! At least Harper did one thing right :). Basically what that means is that this estimate of 9k that I would have to pay in taxes is much too high as I will now have a huge portion of my income that I no longer have to pay taxes on. Anyways, my Dad does my taxes and wanted to see my pay stubs, etc. to estimate how much I'd have to pay in taxes for this year, and adjust that 9k accordingly, since I won't have to owe nearly as much taxes this coming year.


I then went for a run in the evening/night. It's been a couple days since my last run. I blame volleyball/frisbee on Wed and golf on Thurs, and I was in no shape to run on Tues. To make up for lost time, I doubled the distance (8 laps, ~7 km). That's actually the farthest I've ever run! I did however, do it at a rather slow pace, about 50 min. (just over 7 min. kilometres). But I still had quite a bit of energy, and ended up sprinting the last half lap. I'm feeling pretty good right now and my legs are ok, so I can easily push a few more laps at that pace. I figure, I should get the distance down first before trying to go fast. One third of the way there! (The half marathon is 21 km). Not bad after 2 training sessions :p. Just under 2 months left!


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