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Friday, August 25, 2006

That hit the volleyball spot (for now)

Met up with Kives, Alfred, and Erid (and his friends) for some volleyball at Assiniboine. It was actually pretty decent volleyball. We managed to crank the net to about men's height. The sand was quite shallow, meaning that I was able to jump high :)

I hadn't seen Erid in ages. We met randomly on the same volleyball courts maybe like 4 years ago. I think that I was just rollerblading by and asked to join in. After some random chatting, we figured out that one of his best friend's ex-girlfriend is one of my older sister's best friends. I don't quite remember how we got to that conclusion. I think it's b/c I went to Shaftesbury and my last name was Cheung. That would be what I'd write for our "Facebook story".

He's married now, which is crazy. Oh, and then in another bizzare incident, he some how finds out that I know Anne Pickering. They were in Education together at the U of M and I guess she said that she went to Shaftesbury and Erid probably spit out my name. Today, he was like, so you graduated with Bev right? I said I didn't know, but Alf knew her. I checked my year book and she kinda looks familiar, but was in Mech and likely was in Alf's year, not mine, but we graduated together. Apparently she knows me, or knows of me. Erid seems to have this thing about figuring out peoples' social network and how people are connected, but in real life, not on the Internet :p

I was pretty surprised at how many people were playing there today. There was us, and then a group of 4 guys that we played 4-on-4 with for a bit, and then a group of 6 high school students. I saw the same kids play last Wed when I was at the park. Not half bad, I wonder which high school they go to... The logical one would be Shaftesbury, being so close, but then Alf pointed out that they were actually good :p

Kives put on quite the show today. I was actually impressed. His game has improved a lot, which is pretty amazing since he hasn't been playing. His hits were like all in and he was pretty consistent. It must be the grunt :)

Becky (who Kevin and I met up for lunch at Saffron's with earlier today) and Alice didn't end up showing. Kevin missed out as he left for his cottage in the afternoon.

Can't wait to get back to Toronto to play some serious volleyball...


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