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Monday, January 16, 2006

Day 10: The rain dance worked

The Gods have blessed us with much needed rain! I tried not using camera flash this time and it didn't turn out all blurry! I still need more light though...

This was gonna be a much more interesting post, but I actually have homework! *Gasp* I'm sitting in on a Machine Learning for Computer Graphics course that requires me to read 3 papers for each class! That's 6 papers a week! Plus, I'm supposed to have something written up for my meeting with Brendan and other factorgram people tomorrow....

The all-candidates debate for Trinity-Spadina was pretty cool, though an actual debate, as opposed to just Q&A, would've been much better. Lots of talk on tuition, student loans, student bankrupcy, etc. since it was on campus. Frankly it doesn't really apply to me. The Conservative guy was a weenie. Tried to act all hip and cool and half his age, but came across as fake and looking just like a dweeb. He didn't even know the party platform... Then another guy (from some random small party) mentioned that he was against privatization of R&D, which I totally didn't like. That's likely the reason I won't stay in Canada b/c of the lack of really good (oh and high paying) industrial research labs in my research area. Tony Ianno (Liberal) mentioned R&D several times and I was like yeah, the Liberals gave me my scholarship :D. Of course I already have my scholarship, so voting Liberal doesn't matter in this respect, but I generally agree with their platform more than the others.

A princess told me that I am not a typical student (who would have cheered really loud and brought signs for Olivia Chow, the NDP candidate). I'm just "special", at least that's what people always tell me.


Anonymous said...

So Vince, why IS the grass greener on the other side (or at least more plentiful)?

Vince said...

Actually, we made a startling discovery back in Day 9, where we found out that infact there are two different types of grass being grown - ryegrass and bluegrass. This particular type of bluegrass apparently grows slower than the ryegrass and this experiment has corroborated the claim made in the manual.

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