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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The pleasant touch of a volleyball

Finally got to play volleyball today!!! 24 hours after landing in Toronto nonetheless :D. I haven't played for like a month!!! I've been itching to play for sometime now.

For some reason, I couldn't find any beach volleyball in Mexico and water "volleyball" on the cruise wasn't volleyball.

Pretty good volleyball too. 3's. I would have preferred 6's, but at least everyone was solid. John, Edwin, Monica, Ross, and Eric. The last 3 I had never seen b4. I have to say that my hitting is definitely improving and is getting quite consistent now. 4 hours of volleyball tomorrow :D

This semester is gonna be great. Volleyball Mon. - Thurs. and skiing/snowboarding Fri. Mon. is co-ed intramurals, Tues. is men's, Wed. is GSU league, Thurs. is Pub Group. I'll go to school somewhere inbetween :p.

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YannyRamz .- said...

hahaha, you'll go to school somewhere in between. So you play volleyball, i would like to see you play (but you are in Toronto, so nevermind that).
I haven't played since November =( (which sucks, i may not get to play till August).

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