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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Kneepads used every day this week and now my ass is sore

OMG you sick f*ck!!! The kneepads were for volleyball and snowboarding and my ass is sore from falling while snowboarding!

Snowboarding went quite well last night. I'm getting much more confident on the board and getting more control over my turns. Going down a blue run wasn't as scary this time. Next week I'll be able to carve down the blue's no problem.

So, Mimi ditched me for her tri-campus volleyball game (who has a volleyball game on a Friday night???). I would've done the same... I did however, find some people to snowboard with - my fellow novice snowboarders tearing up the bunny slopes.

The alternative title for this post is "I get older, the girls stay the same age". The problem is that I'm just too old for frosh now and all the cute girls in the ski and snowboard club are apparently 1st years and at Chestnut nonetheless :p. You know, with John turning 25 yesterday and hanging out with all these frosh, I'm really starting to feel old.

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Bob said...

Ummm.. there's a bit of innuendo in that title, but let's not go there..

Yeah I'm starting to feel old too. 25 in two weeks! I guess that's not really that old. I just hate the fact that I seem to get tired every nite at like 10:30 :( Stupid regular work hours.

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