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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Stacey and Seattle (or San Francisco)

Stacey was in town from Seattle as she was recruiting for MS at some conference for students. Pretty cool meeting up with her. We were supposed to go snowboarding today, except that she couldn't duck out of the conference. We went to Bubble Tease around the corner with her sister who also lives downtown. They had Chinese New Year's dinner updown with fam after since Stacey was in town (it's really not until the 29th).

I want the old guy who used to work at Bubble Tease back! He was awesome! He remembered me b/c I'd always rollerblade in and he'd give me a discount! He also made the drinks better than the woman that works there now.

Talking with Nebojsa on Thursday, he's actually serious about having me go back to do another internship. When I was about to leave MS, he asked if I would do a back-to-back internship, but I said I couldn't b/c I had some stuff to do in Toronto and I was gonna go on vacation, etc. Then he asked if I could come back in a month or in Jan. and I said that I had like a thesis proposal to do and my scholarship requires me to be at school for at least a semester in between internships. This time, he asked if I could go back like right now :p. I haven't talked to Brendan about this yet. I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

I did enjoy working there and I liked my Seattle social life. I would at least want to finish off the volleyball season here before leaving, but I'd miss the kick-ass summer volleyball here. But the summers in Seattle are quite nice, plus I'd have a (rental) car and would be able to go hiking, whitewater rafting, etc. I guess I'm not really tied down to Toronto right now, socially or work-wise (after say April). I donno, I'm thinking of doing another internship this summer regardless, but I want to wait until I hear back from Google, as a different experience would be nice, but a Google internship might not be as research based as at MSR. I'm kinda on the fence here.


Anonymous said...

If you visit Seattle any time before the end of March, I'll take you to some kick-ass mountains for snowboarding! =) None of this Blue Mountain stuff...

Vince said...

Haha, alright, I'm gonna keep you to your word though...

I gotta get better first so I can actually enjoy the mountain :)

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