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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Strange IM conversations

First, someone with a Hotmail address containing the words "Jelli" and "Bean" adds me to their MSN. I was like weird, Jill opened a new account. Worse that she's doing this after opening her new Gmail account. I authorize the addition and see that the person's nickname is "anne bananae". I was like, weird, Anne opened a new Hotmail account and is now using 2 MSN messenger accounts.

I chat with "anne" for a while. Haven't talked to her in a while anyways. I'm told that she has a lot of reading to do. I inquire as to for what because as far as I know, she was done school. I was thinking maybe she had to prepare for teaching a class or something. She replies that it's for class in a way that suggests that it was beyond obvious. I don't think too much about it. She then tells me that she has to leave to go watch a volleyball game. Strange. I didn't know Anne liked volleyball. Apparently she was going to watch the varsity team play. I was like cool, I never did go watch the University of Manitoba Bisons play and they usually have a pretty good team. I figured that I'd inquire about this later.

Several hours later, it suddenly dawns on me that that was the Anne in Toronto! In which case everything makes sense! The classes, the volleyball! Man that was weird. I talked to her online later on and had a good laugh.

Lesson of the day: SHOW A PICTURE WHEN USING IM!!!

Fortunately I did not say more than I did and kept the embarrassment to a minimum.

My second instant messaging incident was also rather weird. Some random person messages me on ICQ (who uses ICQ anymore?!?!?). The person asks as to whether I'm Canadian. Strange. Anyways, cutting to the chase. She found me by searching for "Vincent" on ICQ (just a randomly searching a boy's name apparently). I find out that she goes to University in like the middle of China. We end up chatting for a while. When I mention that I might be in China in the summer, she gets really excited about the possibility of meeting me, but I won't be going that deep into China, just like Beijing and Shanghai. She's disappointed at this news. When I tell her that I'm gonna get ready for bed she begins to tell me how happy she was to meet and talk to me (I was just being nice after all), that she thinks I'm smart, must be good looking, and how her heart was comforted... Wow, umm... I'm flattered, but it seems a little much considering we just met and not to mention the age, distance, language, and culture difference... She kinda scares me. On the plus side, this could be the beginning of my first stalker.


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