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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

How I Met Your Mother

I think this is my favourite show on TV right now. Absolutely hysterical! It's a mostly goofy, geeky, awkward comedy mixed with a some hilarioulsy "extreme" comments (from Barney), while also giving you that warm fuzzy feeling on the inside. Plus, the title song gets stuck in your head *ba, ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba, ba, ba ba, ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba baaaaa*

It's all about this guy who is telling his kids in 2030 of the story of how he met their mother. 2005: Ted is single and we meet his friends Marshall, Lily (Alyson Hannigan), and Barney. It's a sitcom of Ted's quest to find love with some commentary by his older self.

I first started watching because of Alyson Hannigan, perhaps more familiar to you as band girl, or Willow. I think she's an amazing actress, she pulls off that geeky girl role very convincingly and if you wanna see funny, just watch American Pie. Anyways, I decided to give the show a shot, like I did with Bones starring David Boreanaz (Angel), but that show didn't really appeal to me. I was pleasantly surprised by the show and was instantly hooked. I can identify with the characters and they grew on me quite quickly.

Oh, and actress Cobie Smulders provides eye candy. She's the reason for a lot of awkwardness comedy in the show, as Ted as a thing for her, but future Ted tells us in the first episode that that's how he met "Aunt Robin" :). She's pretty unknown. She had a few guest spots in The "L" Word last year (which has just started it's 3rd season!). She's also Canadian, which is a plus :)


Anonymous said...


Could you please tell me the artist and name of the song that was played at the end of the September 25, 2006 episode and goes something like "Wide Open Road, It was all new, It was all love." Please email me at I would really appreciate it.


Unknown said...

can u tell me ...where should i get the title song? (ba ba ba ba baa baa ba)

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