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Saturday, January 21, 2006

I've got two girls sleeping in my bed right now

The population in here has doubled and there's tons of crap in my room. Sisters got into town today and went shopping at Vaughn Mills and all I saw when I got back was them disposing of numerous shopping bags.

Big mistake of setting the precedent of letting my sisters sleep on my bed and me taking the futon because I couldn't reverse it this time. So, here I am, kicked out of my own room, on the futon, not that the futon's bad, I slept on it for like a month or two until I got my bed. This goes to show those of you contemplating a visit to Hotel Vince, the futon's even good enough for the CEO.

Don't expect the same treatment when visiting Hotel Vince, unless you're female and I'm also in my bed. And you're naked.


Anonymous said...

were you guys at a conference or sth? what's w/ the matching neck string thingies?

Vince said...

That was from the cruise over the break :p. Big post about that coming soon :)

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