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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Webpage redesign

I finally finished redesigning my webpage (3rd time in 3 months)! Here's the progression of my webpage:

~1999 - Oct. 2005Old, old, webpage
This is before I knew about CSS.

Oct. 2005 - Jan. 2006Old webpage
My first CSS webpage. Was never satisified with the background image, which is a rip-off of Apple's default desktop image for OS X 10.4.

Christmas 2005:  Unreleased
Redesign attempt that never got released. First time using Photoshop to design a webpage. Also the first time I was using one of the online colour scheme tools. I was close to releasing it, but I never finished converting all my webpages to the template. Plus, I wasn't too pleased with the way it looked and colour scheme.

Present - FutureBrand spanking new webpage!
New webpage designed over the past few weeks from scratch. CSS, Photoshop, and colour scheme tools. Finally put it all together and converted all my pages. Now that it's been built, I'm waiting for them to come.

I'll be looking into redesigning my blog soon. This ubiquitous template has run its course...


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