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Saturday, January 14, 2006

First outing with U of T Ski and Snowboard Club

Friday the 13th, what'd you expect? Sometimes you just have to find the humour in the situation.
  • Retarded bus driver who didn't know the directions, got lost several times, and took an hour and a half to get out of Toronto!

  • Left at 1:30, got to Blue Mountain at 5:00, a trip that usually takes 2 hours.

  • Organizational problems for the rentals. I'm going to blame it on the Blue Mountain people b/c they told the organizers different stories. I sympathize with the organizers as only 2 showed out of the 7 that said they would, and a friend of theirs came to help out and she was the one around us members the most, with the execs dealing with the passes, rentals, buses, etc. Fortunately we were all calm and knew that all the shit wasn't their fault.

  • A stupidly warm 7 or 8 degrees. At least there was machine snow from a few days ago, albeit, wet snow.

  • Raining pretty hard. I'm very glad that I got my new jacket last week. Worth the $300 as it kept me completely dry. Unfortunately, my snow pants weren't really waterproof and I was starting to feel the water creep in especially when sitting on the chair lifts.

  • Throwing all our stuff into one bus and having to dig through it all to find my bag and blades.

  • More retarded bus drivers who's buses broke down and others who had no clue where Blue Mountain was in order to pick us up.

  • Got back at 12:30

I'm glad Mimi (the person, not the cat) was on my bus. We ended up skiing/snowboarding together. I had planned on snowboarding today and was all psyched up for my first time, but then we were told that the lessons were cancelled b/c of the rain. Since I had NO idea how to snowboard and the conditions weren't amazing, I decided to go with skis as I hadn't gone in a while anyways.

Coming off the ski lift with Mimi is rather harrowing. I swear that hair was ripped from my arm through my jacket one time. Watching Mimi fall over and over again on the slopes and elsewhere provided great entertainment. My favourite is when she fell flat on her back :). It was like watching a tree falling after being chopped down. Mimi hasn't learnt how to use the toe edge yet. Oh, and remember to bring your gloves next time!

This was the first ski trip that I didn't fall! I was a little apprehensive about the slush as I tend to get my ski's caught in them when carving. However, we only stayed to the blue runs. I wanted to go on a black diamond, but didn't have time. There'll be plenty of time in the future, especially when the snow's better.

Beavertails were amazing. Like flattened out mini-doughnuts :) Calamari and wedge fries at the pub and grill hit the spot as well. We totally wouldn't have made it through the bus ride home without it!

Funniest moment of the night was waiting for the buses to come to drive us home. A guy was talking to Diane (the friend helper) about all the bus problems and then this old guy was like saying that the bus company was horrible and completely disorganized, and then I added something like ya, bus #2 had no idea what was going on, got lost, took like 3.5 hours to get here, it was retarded. The other guy mumbled something about the old guy and bus #2. I found it strange that no one said anything after that. I glance over at the old guy, notice his toque, and it kinda hit me. Looking over the Mimi, she's trying with all her might to keep a straight face. The old guy was our bus driver!!! (he was there b/c that was the bus that broke down) Laughter ensued for a LONG time :D. Our stomaches were in so much pain. In my defence, I never really saw our bus driver's face and there was at least one old guy that was actually skiing, and I thought it was cute that he had a friend...


John said...

hey at least u only lost half an hour of skiing. we were supposed to get there by 6... guess how long before we finally got there? thats right. 9 o'clock! some of us skied until the park closed at 10. i swear, friday the 13th does have some kind of influence. how can one ordeal happen after another, and another, and another on a normal day?

Vince said...

Right, I forgot to say that at least I wasn't on bus #3 that left at 4:15 and got to the mountain at 9 :p. 7 hours in a bus (roundtrip) isn't worth just getting a season pass.

We heard rumours on our end, but I wasn't completely clear on what exactly happened. Were you in a coach there and back? Nick came back from the North side at 10:15 with 2 school buses. One of them mostly full, which I thought was bus #3, or was that #1? But then I heard that bus #3 was a coach and you guys waited for 20 min. for 2 retards that decided to get beers in the village.

Sarah said...

i think i prefer grass to confusing ski stories with 7 buses, and random old guys whose significance i cant keep straight. the above comments just made it worse...more buses doing strange things coming out of nowhere and randoms in villages.

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