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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Shopping by myself

I hate shopping.

The only thing worse than shopping is shopping for clothing.

The fact that I went clothes shopping by myself today will blow the mind of some of my readers. Before you start shitting yourself, it wasn't so much clothes shopping as jacket shopping and it was at a relatively Vincent friendly store, MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op for those out of the loop). Functional shopping I can do.

In preparation for skiing/snowboarding which is starting next week, I decided that I needed a new shell, something that was actually waterproof and windproof, which I can not only use for skiing/snowboarding, but also general wear especially in the rain because I don't have rain gear b/c I'd rather not be outside in the rain (dragon boating in the rain and my experience in Disneyland made me realize that I don't have any rain gear). I also realized when I was in Winnipeg that I didn't have any suitable clothing (long underwear, dry fit stuff, etc.) to wear during skiing as like everything I own is cotton, which is the worst thing you can wear. In the past month I've like dropped $400 at MEC :s.


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